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Digital Temperature Controller
Digital Temperature ControllerDigital Temperature Controller 1/16DIN, 48x48x55 mm, made to fit in tight spaces. PIDcontrol,1 Relay output ,HiAlarm,TypeJ or adjustable.
REX-AD410 Indicator
REX-AD410 IndicatorThe REX-AD410 is an extremely powerful indicator.
AE500 Indicator
AE500 IndicatorThe AE500 is new standard indicator
AG500 Indicator
AG500 IndicatorThe AG500 is a high performance indicator.
CB100L / 900L Limit Controller
CB100L / 900L Limit ControllerThe CB100L / 900L is a family of FM approved high limit or low limit controllers.
REX-P48, P96 Controllers
REX-P48, P96 ControllersThe REX-P48/96 are easy-to-use ramp/soak controllers.
REX-P24 Ramp / Soak controllers
REX-P24 Ramp / Soak controllersThe REX-P24 is a small easy-to-use ramp/soak controller.
REX Century
REX CenturyThe REX-Century series are high preformance controllers with easy key operations.
CB103, 403, 903
CB103, 403, 9033 New models were added to " CB series ".
RB100, 400, 900 Single Loop PID
RB100, 400, 900 Single Loop PIDSave space with a RB series temperature controller that gives out-standing control capability and comprehensive functions incorporated into a slim body case
REX D900, D400, D100 Controllers
REX D900, D400, D100 ControllersNew easy-to-use controller featuring fuzzy logic with universal inputs and outputs.
REX F900, F700, F400 Controllers
REX F900, F700, F400 ControllersThe NEW F series direct digital controllers have been designed with the concept of "Excellent control with user-friendly operation."
REX-F9000 Controller
REX-F9000 ControllerThe REX-F9000 is a high resolution temperature controller that has been specifically designed for applications where precise process control with three decimal places (0.001C) is required.
HA900, HA400 Controllers
HA900, HA400 ControllersThe HA Series features a high speed sampling rate of 0.025 seconds, or 40 times per second, greatly suppressing overshoot.
HA401, HA901 Controllers
HA401, HA901 ControllersThis digital controller provides accuracy of 0.1% of displayed value and a sampling rate of 0.025 second. The difference between the HA401/901 and theHA400/900 is autotuning algorithm.
FB900, FB400 Controllers
FB900, FB400 ControllersThe FB Series is a high performance process controller with a more advanced Brilliant II PID, autotuning, advanced tuning, selectable sampling cycle time of 0.05/0.1/0.25 second and 0.1 % of accuracy in short depth housing.
MA901 8 Channel Controller
MA901 8 Channel ControllerThe MA901 can control up to a maximum of 8 channels in a compact 1/4 DIN size. This 1/4 DIN size (96mm) controller reduces the panel size and panel cutouts.
MA900 4 Channel Control
MA900 4 Channel Control The MA900 can control up to a maximum of 4 channels in a compact 1/4 DIN size. This 1/4 DIN size (96mm) controller reduces the panel size and panel cutouts.
ETC-111100-000ETC Commercial Temperature Controls
E5C2 controller
E5C2 controllerSmall and easy to use, 1/16 DIN temperatuer Controller.
JTC-9020 Dial Controller
JTC-9020 Dial Controller Temperature Controller, 0~400C, dial control
SD72 Temperature Controller
SD72 Temperature ControllerSimple and easey to use temperature controller, dial setting and digital display.
PF900The PF900/PF901 are high performance ramp/soak controllers.
CB series controllers
CB series controllersCB series is the state-of-the-art temperature controller developed to pursue "easy and user-friendly" temperature control.
FB100FB100 is a high performance 1/16 DIN size process controller.
SDC Benchtop Temperature Controller
SDC Benchtop Temperature Controller SDC Benchtop Temperature Controller is compatible With a Wide Range of Heaters and Applications.
SA200 Controller
SA200 ControllerThe SA200 is a new high performance temperature controller specifically designed for applications where panel space is critical yet maximum control performance is required!
SA100 Controller
SA100 ControllerThe SA100 can be easily mounted on a DIN rail with a DIN rail mounting socket. The unit can be removed from the socket for easy maintenance
Control Panels
Control PanelsMPC Multi-Point PID Temperature Controller
Briskone Portable
Briskone PortableBriskONE Single-Zone Digital PID Thermocouple Temperature Controller