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Hazardous Location
Hazardous LocationHazardous location thermostats with and without capillary tubes.
ETC-111100-000ETC Commercial Temperature Controls
Control Panel Snap Disc
Control Panel Snap DiscControl Panel thermostat Disc
Control Panel Enclosure
Control Panel EnclosureControl panel enclosure thermostat with DIN rail mounting.
Capillary Thermostats
Capillary ThermostatsCapillary Thermostats for all types of heating applications.
Heat/Cool Thermostat
Heat/Cool ThermostatHeat / Cool wall mount thermostat.
Surface Mount Thermostat
Surface Mount ThermostatSurface Mount Thermostat with mounting clip.
Cal-StatsCal-Stats for every application.
NR Series, Non-indicating Thermostats
NR Series, Non-indicating ThermostatsPROCESS CONTROL: Large, easy to read dial. Provides general control and consistent plating and etch rates in most aqueous processes