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Ceramic Heaters
Ceramic Heaters      Applications Copiers, Dehumidifiers, Glue Guns, Heat Sealing Tools, Instrumentation, Resisters, Soldering and Desoldering Equipment, Valve Heaters.
Cartridge Immersion
Cartridge ImmersionImmersion Heater may be supplied with various junction boxes
Superwatt High Density
Superwatt High DensitySuperwatt High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters.
Square and Rectangular
Square and RectangularSquare and Rectangular Low to Medium Watt Density
Control Panels
Control PanelsMPC Multi-Point PID Temperature Controller
Standard Cartridge Heaters
Standard Cartridge HeatersThese heaters maybe used as Compressor Crankcase Heating, Copiers, Dies, Food Processing, Glue Pots, Heat Sealing, Hot Melt Adhesive, Labeling, Medical Equipment, Packaging, Photographic Processing, Plastic Molding, Platens, Wax Pots.