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Salamander Heaters
Salamander HeatersPortable Electric & Wall or Ceiling Mounted Salamander
Ceiling Heater
Ceiling HeaterFan Forced Ceiling Heater
Recessed Wall Convector
Recessed Wall ConvectorRecessed Commercial Wall Convector
Tamper proof
Tamper proofTamper proof Tamper proof
Slope Top Wall Convector
Slope Top Wall ConvectorCommercial Slope Top Wall Convector
Cabinet Unit Heater
Cabinet Unit HeaterMultiple Angle Cabinet Unit Heater
Downflow Unit Heater
Downflow Unit HeaterDownflow Unit Heaters 5 KW through 20 KW.
Horizontal or Vertical Unit Heater
Horizontal or Vertical Unit HeaterHorizontal or Vertical Mounted Fan Forced Unit Heater
Washdown Unit Heater
Washdown Unit HeaterWashdown Fan Forced Unit Heater
Plenum Heaters
Plenum HeatersThe Latest in Technology for Conversions to Electricity or DUAL-ENERGY
Stainless steel Unit Heaters
Stainless steel Unit HeatersKBS SERIES STAINLESS STEEL A corrosion resistant and long life heater suited for harsh environments with a monel 400 element.
Unit Heaters
Unit HeatersKB SERIES UNIT HEATERS Provides heating for garages and work areas where floor space is a premium and ceilings are below 12 ft.
STAINLESS STEEL SERIESWALL/MARINE HEATERS Our 304 stainless steel heaters provide long service in many corrosive environments.
Radiant Utility Heater