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Hazardous Silicone

Suitable for a large range of surfaces like tanks, hoppers, conveyors, silos, etc. Exceptional durability Moisture and chemical resistant Easy-to-apply industrial strength pressure sensitive adhesive backing option Patented grounded heating element for your safety meets NEC 427.23 0.75" (19mm) conduit fitting High-limit thermostat designed to keep heater below NEC article 500 T-rating Silicone rubber power leads: 12" (305mm) long Power density: 2.5 watts/in2 (.004 watts/mm2) Patented grounded heating element is laminated between two layers of 23 mil and two layers of 25 mil fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber Nominal silicone rubber density 26 oz / yd2 (881 grams / m2) per layer Exposure temperature range: -60oF to 400oF (-51oC to 204oC) Dielectric strength over 2000 volts Moisture, chemical, and radiation resistant Suitable for use on metal surfaces 120 or 240VAC Bare wire connection Temperature controller required