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Coil and Cable Heaters
Coil and cable heaters are made by placing a pair of tiny coils or two lines of straight resistance wire inside a very dense MgO medium. This core is then inserted into a stainless steel shell. These high performance heating cells can acquire temperatures of up to 1500F. A coil heater in its unformed straight stage can have a maximum length of 6ft and its cross-section can be square or rectangular, while a cable heater can be 300ft long and is available in round cross sections. Thermocouple sensors could be installed internally at the tip or the middle of a heater. Power terminals, as well as ground and thermocouple wires are attached to the internal wires inside a transition adapter, which has a larger diameter than the actual heaters cross-sectional diameter. Although HIGHWAT coil and cable heaters are fully annealed and can acquire any shape, they should be formed to a final shape in a single attempt. Forming and bending operations harden the outside stainless shell of a heater, and re-annealing might become necessary if changing the form is required. The wattage in a coiled heater could be distributed, with higher wattage at the two ends, simply by stretching and distancing apart the middle loops. *Coil and cable heaters that have a clearance between the resistance wire and the outside shell of more than 0.4mm Used for: Hot runner nozzles Cutting & sealing bars Medical equipment Rod, pipe & tube heating Heat tracing Semiconductor manufacturing Coil Heater Cross sections Round 0.125 Square 0.130 x 0.130 Rectangular 0.090 x 0.145 Cable Heater Cross sections Round 0.125 Round 0.150 Round 0.188 Square 0.130 x 0.130 Rectangular 0.100 x 0.175

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Coil and Cable Heaters
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