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DTS Series, Digital Timers
IMPROVES PROCESS CONTROL: • Large, easy to read LCD 24-hour display (AM/PM or Military). • Simple and fast programming by means of push buttons and display prompts. • Fully programmable 24-hour/7-day set points with up to 56 switching cycles per week and up to eight on/off operations per day. SETTING OPTIONS: • Time of day. • Single day. • Repeat programs for daily recurring switching times. • Monday through Friday. • Monday through Saturday. • Monday through Sunday. • Saturday and Sunday. • Reset function for clearing the whole switching program. • Skip function for skipping all switching programs of the next calendar day. CORROSION RESISTANT ENCLOSURE: • Compact vapor tight, gasketed plastic enclosure. • Suitable for panel mounting. CERTIFICATIONS: UL and CSA. CAPACITIES: • Single pole, double throw switch (120 volts, 50/60 Hz) rated: 16-amps at 120 volts; 10-amps at 240 volts. • 14°F (-10°C) to 131°F (55°C) ambient temperature range. • Minimum time setting: one minute. • Lithium battery backup provides minimum 5-year reserve (un-powered). Ensures no memory loss when the power fails. • Single phase only. • Rated power: 3.5VA • Connections: 6.3 x 0.8 mm tab terminals (conforms to DIN 46244). APPLICATIONS: • Heaters, process controls, filters, pumps, fans, blowers, lighting, feeders, security systems, etc. OPTIONS AVAILABLE (consult factory): • Plastic wall mountable enclosure. • Can be incorporated into a combination control for three phase service and larger heater loads

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DTS Series, Digital Timers
DTS Series, Digital TimersSimple and fast programming by means of push buttons and display prompts