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Resin Pressure Sensor CZ-200P

Resin pressure measuring system is suitable for monitoring and control of resin pressure for extruders. The combination of resin pressure sensor (CZ-200P), the resin pressure indicator (PG500), the output converter (PCT-300) and digital controllers for strain gauge input (HA430/930) contributes to the improvement of productivity and quality of products. The CZ-200P has new features such as built-in thermocouple while retaining high reliability of CZ-100P. The features of CZ200P includes: a wide selection of screw type, UNF, PF and M14/16 type screws, Low pressure type (0 to 0.5MPa, 0 to 1MPa), built-in thermocouple. A push-rod method is used in CZ-200P. There is no risk of contamination in case of accident, so CZ-200P suits food processing application.