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Control Panel Enclosure

Compact Size With a length of 60mm (2.36”), a height of 33mm (1.29”) and a width of 43mm (1.70”) these enclosure thermostats fit virtually anywhere you may need them. At 1.4oz (40g) weight will never be an issue Quick and Easy Installation Just snap it on to a 35 mm DIN rail, strip the wire, and insert it into the socket and simply tighten the screw. Heating 0°C to 60°C 32°F to 140°F Cooling 0°C to 60°C 32°F to 140°F Heating °C H- TSDR-0114-6900-0000 Heating °F H-TSDR-0114-0900-0000 Cooling °C H- TSDR-0114-7900-0000 Cooling °F H- TSDR-0114-1900-0000 Also available with humidity control.

Width: 1.70"
Height: 1.29"
Length: 2.36"
Volts: 120/240AC - 30w DC
Amps: 15/10
control panel1.jpgcontrol panel2.jpgcontrol panel3.jpg