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ESP Series, Liquid Level Controls
IMPROVES PROCESS CONTROL: • Provides automated control and consistent liquid levels for most aqueous processes and waste treatment tanks or when leak detection is required. • Adds protection against fires and tank damage associated with low-level conditions. • ESP model: mounts on the outside of plastic tanks and senses up to .984 inches (25mm) so no direct immersion is required. • ESPV model: for direct immersion applications (vertically mounted). CORROSION RESISTANT ENCLOSURES: • ESP model: housed in a plastic, epoxy encapsulated enclosure with 6-foot (1.8m) flexible cord and mounting flange. • ESPV model: vapor tight, polypropylene probe enclosure with 3-foot (.9m) flexible PVC conduit. CERTIFICATIONS: UL, CSA and CE. CAPACITIES: • Field selectable normally open or normally closed. • 500 mA switch capacity (10 mA minimum). • Operates on any voltage between 90 and 265 VAC, 45 to 65 Hz. • Ambient temperature range: 0°F (-18°C) to 176°F (80°C). • Single phase only. OPTIONS AVAILABLE (consult factory): • ESPV models available with heavy wall immersion tubes in: CPVC, PVDF, PTFE, and quartz for vertical mounting. • Custom length immersion tubes for ESPV models. • Can be pre-wired into combination temperature controls. • Longer flexible conduits for ESPV devices. • Threaded wells for through tank wall applications.

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ESP Series, Liquid Level Controls
ESP Series, Liquid Level ControlsMonitors liquid level from outside of plastic or non-metallic tanks