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Metal Immersion Heaters
Product Features and Benefits: SUPERIOR CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Materials available for use in most concentrated aqueous alkaline solutions, plating, and phosphate solutions. Check solution recommendation chart or with your chemical supplier for proper sheath material selection. RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Heavy wall metal sheaths available in: Steel 304 stainless steel 316 stainless steel Titanium OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: Low watt densities of 18 watts per square inch (52.8 w/cm2) extend service life. CORROSION RESISTANT HEAD: Vapor tight, flame retardant polypropylene terminal enclosures each with 3-foot (.9m) flexible PVC liquid tight conduit. SAFETY FEATURES: Grounded construction. Thermal protector built in. Replaceable P1 fuse standard for solutions up to 180F (82C). Non-floating construction. CERTIFICATIONS: UL (except steel sheath), CSA, and CE. SIZES: 1,500 watts to 18,000 watts. VOLTAGES: 120, 240 or 480 volts. 208, 380, 415, 600 and other voltages available. Each head is single phase standard. May be wired together as single or three phase. OPTIONS AVAILABLE (consult factory): Replaceable thermal protectors: P4: for solutions from 180F (82C) to 230F (110C). P5: for solutions from 230F (110C) to 300F (150C). Resettable thermal protectors: P2: for solutions up to 180F (82C). P6: for solutions from 180°F (82C) to 230F (110C). P7: for solutions from 230F (110C) to 300F (150C). Special configurations and lengths. One common head (terminal enclosure) with single conduit for single or three phase. Longer wire and conduit lengths. Lower watt densities for highly viscous solutions. Temperature and level controls sized to match the heater.
Volts120 - 600

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