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Tape Heaters
Heating Tape Basic Construction: Heating tape construction begins by first: double braiding high temperature yarn over multiple strands of fine resistance wire, then second: knitting the assemble into a tight serpentine configuration, forming a flat tape. Insulated tapes feature the basic element construction with the exception that two elements are knitted side by side as shown. This arrangement allows the two elements to be connected in series on one end and leads to exit from the other. The assembly is protected by a heavy braided cover. High Temperature Capability: 1400°F Yarn Insulation Low Watt Density Desigh: 13 Watts/Inch˛ Dual, Knitted, Serpentine Construction: Minimized Expansion, Vibration and Thermal Stress, Longer Life, Flexible Multi-Strand Wire Element: High Temperature and Flexible Heavy Braided Outer Cover: Heavy Yarn 2 ft. High Temperature Leads with Plug

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