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Mercury Contactors
1.ADVANTAGES OVER ELECTROMECHANICAL AND SOLID STATE RELAYS A.Superior Performance and Reliability a.Long life b.Durable B.Compact Size C.Low, Predictable Contact Resistance D.Reduced RFI for Improved Interface Capability E.Handles a Variety of Loads a.Increases design flexibility F.Rapid On-Off Cycling Capability a.Mercury quickly dissipates contact heat G.Low Coil Power Requirements H.Minimal Derating Due to Higher Ambient Temperatures I.Quiet Action 2.DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION A.Contacts are within a hermetically sealed steel body a.Impervious to adverse conditions b.No external arcing B.Arcing is in a gaseous atmosphere a.Quenches the arc b.Extends relay life C.Only one moving part (the plunger) a.No buttons to pit, weld or burn out D.One coil for each set of contacts a.Assures consistent switching b.Minimizes pull-in variation between contacts E.Epoxy encapsulated a.Moisture resistant b.High dielectric strength c.Permanently fixes contacts to coil; eliminating possible misalignment d.Helps dissipate heat and noise e.Rugged (impact resistant) 3.BENEFITS A.Reduction of Operational and Maintenance costs B.Increases Utilization and Productivity of Equipment a.By reducing down-time C.Installation and service is a routine operation a.Simple to install b.No sophisticated equipment is required c.Easy to trouble-shoot

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Mercury Contactors
Mercury ContactorsMercury relay's are available in both normally open or normally closed assemblies.