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Downflow Unit Heater
CONSTRUCTION: 16 Gauge steel cabinet with epoxy powder coated finish and control compartment with a hinged and latched access door. OSHA guards standard with all models. HEATING ELEMENT: Corrosion resistant element with steel sheath and steel spiral fins. OVERHEAT PROTECTION: All units come equipped with manual reset limit controls to de-energize the heater should an over-temperature situation occur. FAN and MOTOR: Totally enclosed, 1 speed, 1 phase permanently lubricated, thermally protected motors with unit bearings on 3KW - 20KW models. Totally enclosed, 2 speed, 1 phase permanently lubricated, thermally protected motors with sleeve bearings on 24KW - 50KW models. Axial flow fan blade - 1570 RPM max. All models equipped with fan purge which allows fan to operate after elements are de-energized to purge residual heat. TEMPERATURE CONTROLS: 208V, 240V, 277V and 480V units have In-Built 24 Volt transformer for low voltage remote thermostat application. 600V units have In-Built 240V control on 5-20 KW models, 25-50 KW models have 24V control. 25 KW - 50 KW models may operate as 2 stage heaters if 2 stage remote thermostat is used. DISCONNECT SWITCH: All models equipped with In-Built disconnect except F3F2640, F3F2650 and H3H2650. INSTALLATION: Unit can be mounted using optional mounting bracket or field constructed angle iron bracket

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