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Modular Infrared
Sections with a reflector integral to the heat source disperse infrared energy across a 180 degree pattern. Sections with a parabolic reflector deliver infrared energy across a 130 degree pattern with the reflected infrared in a tighter 65 degree pattern. More energy can be delivered to the product with the parabolic shape. ! Three different reflector widths are available: 5 ", 11", and 16 " wide parabolic reflectors. This allows the customer to match the power density of the equipment (watts per square inch) to the application. Sections are offered in three different widths: 5 ", 11" and 16 ". The 11" wide sections can be purchased with one 11" reflector or two 5 " wide reflectors. The 16 " wide section can be purchased with one 16 " reflector or three 5 " wide reflectors. A variety of lengths are offered: 11", 16", 22", 31", 44", 55", and 66". These length are available in all section widths. Sections are designed so they can be bolted together side by side or end to end. This makes the fabrication of large heat banks possible. ! Parabolic reflectors are formed from gold anodized aluminum. These reflectors are approximately 85% efficient when new. A normal maintenance schedule using non-abrasive liquid cleaners will keep the reflectors at a high degree of reflecting efficiency. For high temperature applications, gold porcelain reflectors (24K gold fired onto a porcelain coated steel reflector) are recommended. Quartz lamps, quartz tubes, and metal sheath rods can be used in the 900 series modular sections. Modular sections use a sturdy ceramic SO9 socket. The socket provides an easy positive means for connecting the heat source leads. Heat sources can be wired in series, parallel or in any combination to suit process and control requirements.

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